Blockchain Challenge 2021



After a compulsory break of one year due to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center for Innovative Finance continued with its 3rd edition of the Blockchain Challenge Series. Due to difficult circumstances, the organizers opted for a fully online event this year. Unfortunately, the Gala Event also had to be held via an Online Meeting. Nevertheless, over 300 guests from more than 20 countries joined the virtual event and listened to the students' contributions.

Winning Teams


PlacementProject PartnerBusiness CaseParticipants
1st placeBurckhardt LawBlockchain Technology and Last Wills

Nico Born

Annika Kristina Hansen

Pirmin Can Özdemir

2nd placeAXASmart Contract Insurance

Laslo Dosa

Albi Tahiri

Thom van Rijn

3rd placeTopPharmBlockchain Loyality Programm

Dominik Merz

Wenqi Li

Winner Slides

Blockchain Challenge 2021 Winner Slides: 1st place, burkhardt. Participating Students: Nico Born, Annika Hansen, Pirmin Özdemir


Blockchain Challenge 2021 Winner Slides: 2nd place, Axa , Participating Students: Laslo Dosa, Albi Tahiri, Thom van Rijn


Blockchain Challenge 2021 Winner Slides: 3rd place, toppharm. Participating Students: Dominik Merz, Wenqi Li



Blockchain Challenge Participants 2021, Corona Edition,  Online Meeting

Project Partners

burkhardt law
Bank Cler
Credit Suisse
Bearing Point

Network Partners

Arbeitgeberverband beider Basel
Vereinigung Basler Ökonomen
WWZ forum
Kanton Basel-Stadt