Crypto Lectures

Due to the great demand from our students and the general public, the CIF has decided to make the two main Bachelor and Master level courses on this topic available in an open-access format. 
At the intersection of economics, computer science, and cryptography, the courses comprehensively introduce various aspects of this fascinating topic. Being university-level courses, the high level of detail within the topics will require some time for you to complete. However, no prior knowledge is required.

Our goal is to provide anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of the topic with quality content completely free of charge. Having reached over 3'500 enrolled students via and more than 1'600 subscribers on the CIF YouTube channel, the continuous extension and maintenance of the courses and the supporting material in an online format is driven by the whole Blockchain / DLT team at the CIF.

The course lectures are accessible on-demand and on our YouTube channel, and via a teaching platform at, where supporting material and quizzes on each lecture are provided. All lecture slides and additional resources are maintained in an open-source git repository.




University Internal Anonymous Student Evaluation


"New way of teaching with videos on demand and interesting additional elements. Great content."
      - University of Basel Student, SC&DF Lecture-

"Great videos! They are well structured and extremely interesting! The tutorial was helpful to understand even better the topics covered in class."
      - University of Basel Student, BB&C Lecture -

"commitment of the professor, assistant and team (immediate replies etc.) - Very high quality of the lecture videos - not only theory (lectures), but also practice (group project)"
      - University of Basel Student, BB&C Lecture -

"I personally didn't really know anything about bitcoins etc but this course is a good introduction to the topic and even with almost no prior knowledge, it is explained very well and I can follow the course quite good."
      - University of Basel Student, BB&C Lecture -


Crypto Lectures Student Quotes


"Great content, and clear and concise explanations, congrats! keep up the good work!"
- Fernando Martin via YouTube -

"this class was very useful, the information was clearly presented, thank you very much! hopefully more topics will be covered by the CIF and uploaded in the near future, thanks again!"
- bsuperbrain via YouTube -

"Super Inhalt"
     - Dennis Shushack via YouTube -