The development of groundbreaking research, e.g., biomedical research aimed at curing cancer, or the development of more effective antibiotics and medicines for treating rare illnesses, demands enormous investment over a long period of time (10—20 years). Only a few of the research results become marketable products, but the ones that are successful are potentially highly valuable to society. They improve health, employment, education and knowledge.

The financial instruments that are currently available, such as common equity, venture capital and loan capital, are not suitable for investments of this kind. It is therefore necessary to develop new types of funding instruments. These new vehicles use financial techniques that diversify risk in large investment funds, thereby making investments in innovative research and development attractive to a larger number of investors. Moreover, by issuing debt and equity tranches, innovation funds of this type can provide investors with different risk-tolerance levels access to the capital market, and thereby further extend the investor base.

The CIF is concerned with the question of how to eliminate barriers to financing innovation. This research is particularly relevant for the metropolitan region of Basel, which is home to two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and many biotechnology and medical technology companies.

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