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DeFi Regulation Paper

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On DeFi and On-Chain CeFi: How (Not) to Regulate Decentralized Finance

Publication by Katrin Schuler, Ann Sofie Cloots, and Fabian Schär in the Journal of Financial Regulation

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Decentralized Crypto Governance? Transparency and Concentration in Ethereum Decision-Making

Publication by Cesare Fracassi, Moazzam Khoja, and Fabian Schär
Privacy Paper

/ Research, Blockchain, Publication, Journal Article

Blockchain Privacy and Regulatory Compliance: Towards a Practical Equilibrium

Publication by Vitalik Buterin, Jacob Illum, Matthias Nadler, Fabian Schär and Ameen Soleimani in Elsevier's Blockchain Research and Applications
Payoffs considering strategic default

/ Research, Publication, DeFi

Contagion and loss redistribution in crypto asset markets

Publication by Katrin Schuler, Matthias Nadler and Fabian Schär in Elsevier's Economics Letters
Size of and Connections Between Business Sectors

/ Research, Metaverse, Publication

Retailing and Customer Engagement in the Metaverse: An Empirical Analysis

Publication by Mitchell Goldberg, Fabian Schär, and Dario Thürkauf
Difference between the UTXO model in Bitcoin and the Zcash Model

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An Introduction to Zero-Knowledge Proofs in Blockchains and Economics

Working Paper by Aleksander Berentsen, Jeremias Lenzi and Remo Nyffenegger
Metaverse governance: An empirical analysis of voting within Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

/ Research, Metaverse, Publication, Journal Article

Metaverse Governance: An Empirical Analysis of Voting Within Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Publication by Mitchell Goldberg and Fabian Schär in Journal of Business Research, Volume 160 (2023) 113764