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Blockchain Vending Machine: A Smart Contract-Based Peer-to-Peer Marketplace for Physical Goods

Conference Paper by Fabian Schär, Katrin Schuler, Tobias Wagner

In this paper, we propose an autonomous vending machine that is governed by a public Blockchain and smart contracts platform. Set up as a decentralized autonomous organization, it serves as an open marketplace for physical goods, where anyone can buy and/or sell objects. We propose a basic architecture for the machine, analyze pricing and fee mechanisms and examine potential pitfalls. Moreover, we discuss open issues, possible extensions and further areas for improvement. We conclude that the deployment of such machines could significantly improve our understanding of decentralized autonomous organizations and build a bridge between virtual and physical markets. Insights gained from such an experiment may raise important questions for further research.


  • Idea paper on a neutral market place for physical goods combining a traditional vending machine with blockchain technology.
  • Overview of buyer- and seller-processes.
  • Comparison of different fee-schedules in a Dutch auction context.
  • Security considerations and possible extensions.

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Schär, F., Schuler, K., & Wagner, T. (2022). Blockchain vending machine: A smart contract-based peer-to-peer marketplace for physical goods. Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.