Blockchain Challenge 2022



After two years of handicap, the Center for Innovative Finance could finally shift to perform the event of the Blockchain Challenge on-premises. In this year's edition's gala event, eight teams could portray their achievements to a jury consisting of CIF members, associates, event partners, and a large audience. 


Blockchain Challenge

Winning Teams


PlacementProject PartnerBusiness CaseParticipants
1st placeCredit Suisse Asset Management Schweiz

Blockchain-based Marketplace

Tokenizing Real Estate Closed-End Fund Shares

Lena Mourad

Severin Plüss

Tunc Polat

2nd placeBlackhawk Network

Blockchain-based Gift Card Solution

and NFT-as-a-Service

Sercan Ates

Sandra Baader

Lukas Bütikofer

Leonardo Norambuena

3rd placeChainlink Labs

Dynamic Digital Trading Cards

NFTs using Real-World Data Feed

Kai Bajka

Jonas Ruchti

Carlo Seppi

Winner Slides

Blockchain Challenge 2022 Winner Slides: 1st place, CSAM. Participating Students: Lena Mourad, Severin Plüss, Tunc Polat

Credit Suisse Asset Management Schweiz

Blockchain Challenge 2022 Winner Slides: 2nd place, BHNW. Participating Students: Sercan Ates, Sandra Baader, Lukas Bütikofer, Leonardo Norambuena

Blackhawk Network

Blockchain Challenge 2022 Winner Slides: 3rd place, Chainlink Labs. Participating Students: Kai Bajka, Jonas Ruchti, Carlo Seppi

Chainlink Labs


Project Partners

Chainlink Labs
Bearing Point
Credit Suisse
Blackhawk Network

Network Partners

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