Blockchain Challenge 2024


After five successful Blockchain Challenges, we are pleased to announce a new and revised format for the 2024 edition. The new Challenge will be offered in a 2 week block seminar, taking place before the start of the fall semester 2024.

With the Blockchain Challenge, the Center for Innovative Finance at the University of Basel overcomes the gap between theory and practice. Students learn to convert theoretical and innovative concepts into practical applications. Teams of three to five students, accompanied by coaches and experts, go through the most important steps in creating a concept, including prototypes.



Blockchain Challenge

Example Cases


Case Info

Hotel Blockchain

Utilize the blockchain as infrastructure and develop a new solution to automate the management of rental objects.


Create a framework that utilizes non-fungible tokens as collectibles and on-chain voting to modernize the funding of public events.

Personal Subscription Manager

Develop a blockchain-based solution to handle payments for your subscription services.

Succession Planning

Develop a crypto asset succession service that helps to ensure the digital legacy for wallet owners across generations.


Monday, 26.8.2423:59Registration Deadline
Tuesday, 3.9.2409:00-20:00Day 1: Kick-Off
Wednesday, 4.9.2409:00-20:00Day 2
Thursday, 5.9.2409:00-20:00Day 3
Friday, 6.9.2408:00-17:15Day 4
Monday, 9.9.2409:00-20:00Day 5
Tuesday, 10.9.2409:00-20:00Day 6
Wednesday,11.9.2409:00-20:00Day 7
Thursday, 12.9.2409:00-20:00Day 8
Friday, 13.9.2409:00-12:00Day 9
Tuesday, 15.10.24tbdDay 10: Final Presentations & Submissions

Participation Requirements


The Blockchain Challenge application is open for Bachelor's and Master's students from the University of Basel. External applications (students of other institutions) are also considered. This seminar is weighted at 6 ECTs and can be attended at the Bachelor's level as well as the Master's level. Doctoral Candidates are welcome to participate as well. You can apply individually or as a team of up to four students. Please keep in mind that each group must fulfill the minimum requirement of 1 Bachelor- and 1 Master-level student.