Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär

Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär is Professor for Distributed Ledger Technology/Fintech at the Faculty of Business and Economics. In addition, he is the Managing Director of the Center for Innovative Finance at the University of Basel. His research focus is on interdisciplinary analyses of Smart Contracts, asset tokenization and Blockchain applications. He has a PhD in Cryptoassets and Blockchain Technology and co-authored several publications including the bestselling book "Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptoassets" and several scientific articles, some of them published in the prestigious Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review. He is the organizer of the "Blockchain Symposium", the "Blockchain Challenge", member of the organizing committee of a conference with the Swiss National Bank and co-initiator of a project to secure academic credentials on a Blockchain. In addition, he is a board member of the first FINMA regulated crypto asset manager, an advisor of various blockchain organizations and an invited speaker at numerous conferences, including the G20 Global Financial Stability Conference. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant in various positions at banks and bank-related companies.

Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär
Managing Director & Research
Peter Merian-Weg 6
4002 Basel

Tel: +41 (0)61 207 33 25



Peer-reviewed Articles

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Invited Chapters

Lipton, A., A. Sardon, F. Schär & C. Schüpbach. (2020, forthcoming). Stablecoins, Digital Currency, and the Future of Money, in A. Pentland, A. Lipton and T. Hardjono (ed.), Building the New Economy, MIT Press.

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Working and White Papers

Nadler M. and Schär F. (2021), Centralized Finance, Decentralized Ownership?An Iterative Mapping Process to Measure Protocol Token Distribution

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Selected Open Source Contributions

Schär F. (2018), rCoinInterface. R package version 0.1.0.

Schär F. (2017), Terraform Second Auction. DSP40 Decentraland.

Invited Contributions in Magazines, Newspapers and Blogs

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